Walkin’ This Road

This podcast tells the story of the stewards of Kibilio Community & Farm, a black queer-led community focused on healing, reparations and restorative economics, shared governance and leadership.

This podcast shares the journey to establish a black queer-led intentional community in western Massachusetts. In each episode we meet with one of the collective members to share the journey of intentional community and black indigenous land sovereignty.

Orion Gordon, Veleda Roehl and David Ragland 

Orion Gordon

The devastating impact of COVID-19 has been most profoundly felt in every area of life – safety, work, family culturally – by people in BIPOC communities around the U.S.  Despite the resilience of these communities, and after the movement emerging in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, mutual aid cannot replace decent governments who make the basic needs of its citizenry available. The uprisings in Ferguson, New York, Baltimore and Minneapolis/St.Paul revealed the ongoing violence of the security apparatus against similar communities with Black populations across the U.S.  The response before and after the pandemic to state sanctioned violence has been to organize for freedom. From the Maroons who escaped enslavement, the settlement of Freed Blacks in Manhattan, The Farmer Collectives – Mississippi , MOVE in Philly,  to  the first Community Land Trust – created to protect black land, Black people have been building black sovereignty by stewarding the land for sustenance and protection – sovereignty.

The Kibilio Collective came together through the shared journey of decolonial education, intentional community and activism in New York and Western Mass to build Black queer- and intersectional-led space for healing, education and black and indigenous sovereignty. More about the five focus areas of Kibilio here.

Episode 2: Ft. DSL, RockSteady Farm and intentional community

July 10, 2021

Hosted by Veleda Roehl

Featuring: D. Rooney, Veleda Roehl, Mori Hitchcock, Orion Gordon, and David Ragland

In this episode,  DSL interviews D. Rooney,  owner and  general manager of RockSteady Farm, about intentional community. We get to know DSL a bit more as they go about working on their understanding of intentional community.  We also hear from Veleda Roehl, Mori Hitchcock, Orion Gordon, and David Ragland.  This episode was directed and produced by Veleda Roehl and Orion Gordon. 

Episode 1: An Introduction to Kibilio

June 10, 2021

Hosted by Orion Gordon

Featuring: Tanya Zangaglia,
DSL – Danielle Saint Louis, David Ragland, and Veleda Roehl

Filmmaker, audio engineer, musician, podcaster, and dad – Orion Gordon introduces us to the Kibilio Collective through a few of the members. Learn about the values of Kibilio as Tanya, Veleda, David and DSL discuss the importance of community for health and as a place of healing, and deep rooted connections to our indigenous sources and spirituality; sharing a vision of Kibilio as a space that centers Queer, Black folk who are healing and cultivating spaces of healing and presence through reparative justice. Special thanks to the Kibilio Collective members for making this first episode possible.

The work of Jodie Geddes of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network are mentioned in this episode.

Copyright © 2021 Kibilio Community & Farm. All rights reserved.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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