Focus Areas

Five Focus Areas

Healing and Spirituality

Our community is focused on embodied healing and we embrace deep spirituality from our traditional African and Indigenous, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian lineages which shape our decision making and daily practices. We are collectively healing from extractive hetero patriarchal white supremacist capitalism. We are tending our hearts, minds, bodies alongside the land originally stewarded by Indigenous people towards the right relationship between our fullest selves and the space we reside. We invite others to participate in our healing practices and spiritual rituals through our full moon ceremonies and embodied healing fellowship.

Land Sovereignty and Food Justice 

Black farmers provided spaces of safety during the Jim Crow era for people to live and organize collectively,- . These farms continue to be a source of refuge and disruption. .   In stewarding land with Afro-Indigenous ways of knowing we are addressing and helping to reverse generations of Black land theft. We are growers, urban farmers, food justice and health professionals educating ourselves and our communities in ways that bring attention to extractive practices  and healing possibilities. We are planning an herb garden for various healing offerings as well as a small scale sustainable agriculture operating for residents, fellows and surrounding impacted communities.

Collective and Restorative Economics

Our community engages a decolonial approach rooted in collective and restorative economics. We are building just systems and workflows that support fair labor and wellness practices for members.. We approach funding and cooperative enterprise through a reparative and regenerative lens that is directly rooted in equitable resources sharing in support of collective and individual healing from extractive systems.

Reproductive Justice and Youth Development

Our collective includes birth workers, reproductive justice activists, health professionals and cultural workers who are leading efforts to center life through education, doula work and healing for Black mothers. We practice intersectional decolonial co-parenting and are committed to unschooling. We are also dreaming of a 2- 4 week summer camp for Black Youth to explore ecological justice through the natural environment and the arts.

Indigenous and Ecological Justice

All of our collective is deeply connected to the land as a medicine provider, food supply, partner and relative that is connected to our spiritual practice, healing work and activism. This era of pandemic, climate crisis and racialized violence has emphasized the multigenerational, deep precarity of BIPOC communities. We are learning as we cultivate relationships with the indigenous descendants of the land upon which we (will) reside towards a vision of space that honors the sacred histories, while addressing the current crisis.

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