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Become Engaged

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Reparations Sabbath and Sunday
Full moon music Zoom party!
December 19th
6-7:15pm ET
Register here

Because of so much heaviness in all of our lives  we hope you will  join us this Sunday December 19th for our full moon music zoom party!!!! Come with a song that reflects what you are feeling.

The December Full Moon this Saturday into Sunday is the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon, the last full moon before the Winter Solstice’s longest night for the Northern Hemisphere. This moon is about expansion and a time to reflect, strategize, and plan. This moon is asking how our personal feelings fit in with the collective as a whole. Creating space by handling the detailed aspects of our lives opens up room for celebration and pushing the edge of possibility. During this time, consider connecting with bodies of water. As Sherri Mitchell says, “the water that is in our bodies is the same water that has been on Earth since her formation. For this reason, water holds all memory. Connecting with water is a way to speak with all that connects us and all that helps us remember – ourselves, each other, and our original instructions.”

December 19th is also #ReparationSunday. Visit for more info.

In a broken world that continuously extracts from people, our approach to embodied healing addresses woundedness in our bodies, hearts, minds, ancestors, spirit, and the land that sustains us. Reparative economic support will provide our engaged network with fulfillment in the areas of Black-Indigenous land sovereignty – reversing the extractive practices of colonization and capitalism – so that members can live with dignity while engaging in the consuming effort of healing intergenerational trauma.

Our invitation to practice wealth and land redistribution through economic support of a cash land/property purchase is both an embodied and collective way to  engage in deep relationship with Black, Queer and Indigenous people of color.

Our approach to ecological justice combines living in balance with the natural world in ways that reduces our carbon footprint and supports small scale organic farming practices, while reducing use of consumer goods, and pursuing the lowest possible ecological impact.  

Consider making a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to support Kibilio through Common Good. For a subscription-style monthly contribution check out our Patreon.

Note: By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the Kibilio donation page on the Common Good website. You can also access the page here: donate.

We appreciate your consideration in supporting us as we, the Kibilio core collective, diligently and cooperatively work in creating this new BIPOC community for healing, living in ecological balance, and educating for indigenous land justice.

At this time, we are seeking support to raise the $2 million needed to continue the development of Kibilio Community and Farm. In addition to monetary donations to purchase the land and create a land trust, we are happy to accept grants, farm equipment, trucks, stocks, 0% interest loans, and bequests. We are fiscally sponsored by Community of Living Traditions.

If you would like to speak with us to learn more about what we are working to create, we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact page, fill out the form, and someone from the collective will respond. Know that we are all committed to many roles in our life, family, and community and will therefore be spacious in our response time.

Other forms of monetary donations

By Credit Card

Click on the donate CGPay button above or click here.

By Wire Transfer

Contact us at for wire transfer and account information.

By Check through mail

Make checks payable to “Common Good” with “for Kibilio” on the memo line.

mail check to :

Common Good
PO Box 21
Ashfield, MA 01330


Farm equipment & trucks



0% interest loans


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