Episode 1: An Introduction to Kibilio

Filmmaker, audio engineer, musician, podcaster, and dad – Orion Gordon introduces us to the Kibilio Collective through a few of the members.

Learn about the values of Kibilio as Tanya, Veleda, David and DSL discuss the importance of community for health and as a place of healing, and deep rooted connections to our indigenous sources and spirituality; sharing a vision of Kibilio as a space that centers Queer, Black folk who are healing and cultivating spaces of healing and presence through reparative justice.

The work of Jodie Geddes of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network are mentioned in this episode.

Special thanks to the Kibilio Collective members for making this first episode possible.

Hosted by Orion Gordon and Featuring Tanya Zangaglia, DSL – Danielle Saint Louis , David Ragland, and Veleda Roehl

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